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CoT disappears without trace

The Council of Truth disappears amid rumours of a coup d··tat. All Council offices are emptied and all representatives go AWOL.

12:00 September 18, 29476 RST

TIR (UCC) · As of this morning, the Council of Truth is no more. Rumours began spreading in the clan community early yesterday evening about the possible fall of the Council, and the Council remains incommunicado at this time.

While little real information has been garnered yet, witnesses say that the Council's headquarters in Tir have been completely abandoned by all delegates and officials, as well as most or all Council employees and volunteers.

The Council's armed forces have also left Tir, possibly to escort Council delegates away from the city under guard.

Developing story

It's not yet known what or who triggered this dramatic development in the Council's rapidly intensifying crisis, or when or why the decision was made to disband the Council.

Rumours that there was a military coup d'·tat on the Council in the early hours of this morning, and that Henry Radiman and his closest associates have been arrested or forced to flee Tir, remain unconfirmed.

UCC will follow this developing story throughout the day.