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ICC rejects Omni-Tek's complaint

The ICC rejects Omni-Tek·s formal complaint, and retains its decision to grant emergency powers.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
17:08 September 09, 29476 RST

NEWLAND CITY (ARKP) - The ICC decided this morning to reject Omni-Tek's formal protest regarding the deployment of Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka. ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse just informed the press that the Peacekeepers currently in orbit around Rubi-Ka will begin preparing for transfer to an orbital station, and subsequent planetfall.

Last week, the ICC held back troops en route to Rubi-Ka, pending a formal inquiry into the allegations of mismanagement and corporate favouritism lodged by the Omni-Tek Corporation.

Omni-Tek's complaint has, during the past week, been efficiently processed by the ICC·s Office of Colonial Affairs, and their conclusions were voted upon yesterday evening in an ICC assembly.

"A speedy, efficient, and fair process by the Office of Colonial Affairs, and a majority vote passed by member corporations, has determined that Omni-Tek's allegations of mismanagement and favouritism, and their objection to the deployment of Peacekeepers, are without merit," Secretary General Isidra Derousse told the press. "Our original decision to deploy Peacekeepers in an effort to stabilise the Rubi-Kan political situation has thus been upheld. I have ordered the Peacekeepers in orbit around Rubi-Ka to begin preparations for immediate deployment."

Local unrest over Peacekeepers' role

With news of the imminent arrival of ICC Peacekeepers, locals have voiced concerns regarding what role the ICC troops will assume, and what effect their presence will have on an already fragile situation.

"Now that it's finally official that the Peacekeepers will land, it's only natural to ask what part they will play in the ongoing political games on Rubi-Ka," Ramos Kawamoto · Editor-in-Chief of the controversial publication TAG, and notorious political commentator · told Headline Services. "Amid all the rumours and objections, we've never really been informed what, exactly, the Peacekeepers will do here, and how many there are. Where will they be posted, and what kind of orders have they been given? These are all interesting questions, and they need to be addressed by the ICC if they are hoping for any kind of public backing to their presence."

Omni-Tek disappointed with conclusion

High-ranking Omni-Tek officials have told Headline Services that they find ICC's processing of the complaint "hurried", and of "questionable integrity", and that Omni Prime is considering further political actions.

"We're very disappointed with the outcome of this process, we have good reason to question the rushed manner in which it was conducted," states an anonymous Corporate source. "We will comply with the ICC's directives, but we intend to lodge an appeal. We feel the decision was made with little to no actual knowledge of local affairs, and was probably just an attempt by Derousse to save face. After all, her initial decision to launch what amounts to a joint, military attack on Omni-Tek's interests on Rubi-Ka by rival corporations will be remembered in the future as the ICC's greatest, and gravest, political mistake."