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Ross and Radiman meet

Philip Ross and Henry Radiman meet head to head in a last-ditch effort to conjure a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
16:16 September 05, 29476 RST

OMNI-1 (RKHS) · The Council of Truth·s refusal to hand over personnel to Omni-Pol for questioning has stirred top-level management into action. "Boss" Ross is expected to have a private dialogue with Henry Radiman this evening, in an attempt to resolve the issue.

While critics may regard this as little more than grandstanding on behalf of the Corporation, political experts see it as a sign that relations between the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek are not improving.

Not even the probable deployment of ICC Peacekeepers · a decision that's been sharply criticised by both sides · appears to have united the two political opponents.

Two leaders, diverging paths

For a while last year, it appeared that the growing openness between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth, and the developing friendship between Ross and Radiman, might help forge a new future for Rubi-Ka, but the explosion in Omni-1 appeared to permanently derail the relationship.

The two leaders have not spoken face to face since, and insiders say that there's an increasing air of mutual bitterness and distrust between Ross and Radiman.

With Henry Radiman and the Council of Truth now under suspicion for collaborating with terrorists, experts anticipate that relations will cool even further. Philip Ross has yet to comment on Omni-Pol's investigations, but the Council has denied any wrongdoing on behalf of both the organisation and of Radiman himself.

Last resorts

The scheduled conversation could be seen as a last resort for a diplomatic solution to Omni-Pol's request. Omni-Pol has stated that, if necessary, they can and will enter Tir to take the relevant personnel into custody, and bring them to Omni-Pol headquarters in Omni-1 for questioning.

Though the Council and the Corporation would both prefer to avoid any kind of situation in Tir, the Council has repeatedly stated that, without solid criminal charges being pressed, Omni-Pol can not forcibly remove clan citizens from Council-held territories.

With the ICC currently evaluating Omni-Tek's complaint about their decision to post additional Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka, it's probably in the Corporation's best interests to avoid a confrontation with the Council of Truth at this point. Complicating the issue, however, is the fact that the ICC has also urged the Corporation to deal with the terrorist threat in an immediate and efficient manner, which makes Omni-Pol's investigation a high priority issue.