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Possible link between CoT and Dust Brigade revealed

Through investigations into the permanent death of a man found in the Lush Hills resort, Omni-Pol reveals evidence found in the deceased·s NCU that suggests Council of Truth involvement in the funding and support of known terrorist organisations. A hunt for two prominent Council of Truth employees is started. The Council of Truth refuses to hand them over to Omni-Pol for questioning.

The Omni Herald
12:02 August 23, 29476 RST

The continuing investigation into the death of an as-yet unidentified male in the Lush Hills Resort early last week has finally yielded results, Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren told the Herald this morning.

A concealed and unauthorised Grid access-point at the resort purportedly contained new evidence that may link the unexplained death to both the Council of Truth and to the clan terrorists known as the ·Dust Brigade·.

The torture and murder of the forty-seven year was the subject of an extensive on-site investigation last Wednesday · led by Omni-Pol Detective Winterfeldt · which was brutally and fatally interrupted by Dust Brigade terrorists. Detective Winterfeldt was mortally injured, but she was back on the case the following day. She told the Herald that, minutes before the attack, she was contacted by an informant who provided vital clues that led investigators to the Grid access-point.

Shogren told the Herald that it's not yet been determined whether the homicide was perpetrated with life-force disrupting arms, or if the victim simply lacked insurance, but traces of antimatter molecules in the victim's room may indicate the former.

Omni-Pol is not yet ready to divulge the exact nature of the evidence they have come into possession of, linking the Council of Truth with the Dust Brigade, but Shogren says that the evidence is "solid, demonstrable, and of a largely financial nature", indicating that the Council may have been providing funds to the Dust Brigade to finance their terrorist activities against Omni-Tek employees and civilians.

The Herald has been in touch with the Council of Truth, and a spokesperson for the Council says that they have not yet been made officially aware of the accusations, or of Omni-Pol's findings, but that the intimation of any form of link between the Council and the Brigade is "ridiculous and baseless", and "pure Corporate propaganda".

Relations between the Council of Truth and the Omni-Tek Corporation have deteriorated for the past six months, and with the Council now under pressure from several clans to take a harder line against Omni-Tek, its future appears uncertain at best. Omni-Pol's findings can only serve to make the Council's position even more precarious.