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ICC votes for emergency powers

The ICC emergency assembly results in a close to unanimous vote in favour of granting emergency powers.

Rubi-Ka Hedline Services
16:53 August 20, 29476 RST

In a landslide vote this morning, the emergency assembly of the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations has granted the ICC emergency powers, effective immediately. The vote was 218 for, 6 against, with 39 abstained.

The emergency powers act states that the ICC can take action against, or in support of, any corporation or corporate colony without a majority vote, under the direct command of the Secretary General, and in the best interests of member corporations, the galactic economy, and the well-being of corporate colonists. The ICC emergency powers act has not been employed since the end of the Corporate Wars.

The vote was instigated by the Sol Banking Corporation, citing growing concerns over the current situation on Rubi-Ka. Sol B.C. stated, in their official address to the delegates, that the ICC has a responsibility to ensure the continued stability of Rubi-Ka in light of the Council of Truth's weakened position, the continued attacks on the civilian population by Dust Brigade terrorists, and the last few days' rumoured discord within the Omni-Tek Corporation.

Subsequent to the vote and the conclusion of the assembly, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse spoke briefly with the press, announcing plans for a press conference this evening where Derousse will outline the ICC's immediate implementation of its emergency powers.

It's widely believed that the ICC plans to send additional Peacekeepers to Rubi-Ka, under a military directive to ensure stability and to protect civilian colonists against corporate and rebel aggression.

Omni-Tek delegates refused to make any statement to the press following the passing of the vote, although Omni Prime is currently considering an official answer, and sources say that Omni-Tek may submit a formal complaint with the ICC in order to avoid an increased ICC presence on Rubi-Ka.

Headline Services contacted the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka for comment, but was told that since this is not a local matter, but a galactic one, OT-RK can not and will not comment.