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Investigations end in brutal mayhem

Omni-Pol investigations into the permanent death of an unidentified male found in the Lush Hills Resort end in brutal mayhem as Dust Brigade Commandoes turn up and start shooting at the investigators. Local patrons and guests at the resort come to the investigatorsĀ· aid, and manage to kill one of the commandoes.

The Omni Herald
16:48 August 15, 29476 RST

The ongoing investigation into the Lush Hills Resort homicide was brutally obstructed yesterday by an attack by masked clan terrorists, who fired shots at Omni-Pol officers, the on-site investigator, and civilians.

OP Detective Winterfeldt, who was assigned to survey the exterior of the resort for any biological or digital traces of the homicide victim - currently a John Doe - was specifically targeted by the masked commandoes. Though she received terminal injuries, she returned to work today, telling the Herald that she's adamant that Omni-Pol's Anti-Terrorism Unit will step up their fight against the mounting Dust Brigade threat

As for her traumatic experiences which resulted in insurance-pattern restitution, Winterfeldt released the following statement to the Corporate press:

"The officers at the scene suffered worse, and those brave boys are still standing. Aside from some confusion, a throbbing headache, and a partial memory-loss relating to yesterday's incident, I'm in tip-top shape. I don't intend to let clan bullies browbeat me into submission. We're going to pick up the investigation where we left off, with strengthened resolve."

Omni-Pol says that one of the masked commandoes - who apparently had no insurance - was killed by Omni-Pol officers. The body has been brought to Omni-Pol's criminal labs in Omni-1 for further examination. Investigators say that the person's NCU may contain vital clues to the whereabouts of the Dust Brigade clan.

Asked if she believes there's a direct link between Monday's homicide and the terrorists, Detective Winterfeldt states that there's no concrete evidence to that as of yet, but that the appearance of, and statements made by, the masked commandoes - as well as new physical evidence - indicate that the John Doe has links with the Brigade.

The John Doe, who was in his late forties, was found in a private room at the Lush Hills Resort on Monday. The Herald published a picture of the man on Tuesday, and has so far received more than one hundred tips from the public that might aid Omni-Pol's investigation.