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Man found permanently killed

An unidentified man is found dead in the Lush Hills resort, permanently killed with life-force disrupting weaponry. No clues to the man·s identity or purpose on Rubi-Ka are found.

The Omni Herald
16:23 August 13, 29476 RST

An unidentified male in his late forties was found permanently dead yesterday in a private room at the Lush Hills Resort. Permanent death by unnatural causes is a relatively rare occurrence, and is cause for concern with investigators, who refuse to speculate about the possible use of life-force disruptor weapons.

The construction and possession of life-force disrupting weaponry, which may or may not have been used in this case, is forbidden by Corporate and ICC laws, and punishable by permanent exile and/or the death penalty.

No clues as to the man's identity or the identity of his killer or killers have at present been revealed by Omni-Pol spokespeople. OP is therefore turning to the public for any information they may have regarding the victim. The man·s room was booked under a false name, using a counterfeit Omni-Tek employee ID, and there are no records of his arrival on Rubi-Ka, or his whereabouts prior to his death.

Amanda Anaya, Omni-Pol's chief investigator on the case, stated: "We will be conducting an in-depth investigation into this incident. It's very unusual for a citizen to be permanently murdered, and we need to find out the reasons for, and methods behind, such an unusual death, so as to prevent it from happening in the future."

At present, Omni-Pol reports, no suspects or motives have been identified. In the past, clan terrorists have been linked with incidents of insurance-pattern sabotage, although it·s unclear if this is the reason for the victim·s death:

"We can't rule out an act of terrorism or links to terrorist organisations," said Anaya. "We are at present in close cooperation with OP-ATU in order to shed some light on the situation."