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CoT reconvenes as pressure increases

The pressure mounts on Radiman and the Council as the Council reconvenes.

August 05 29476 · 18:13 RST

As the pressure on the Council of Truth, and recently returned head Henry Radiman, increases, the Council convenes for an emergency session in Tir tomorrow morning, spokespeople report.

The Council, which consists of representatives from the larger affiliated clans, has not officially convened since the Sabulum situation, prompting vocal protests from both affiliated and non-affiliated clans, who see the Council's inactions as failure in leadership, and a certain sign that the clans may need a new unifying voice in the future.

Henry Radiman·s prolonged absence is also a controversial issue. In a commentary published by the Voice of Freedom earlier today, Daimoness of the Mercury Dragons observed:

" leaving us in the moment we needed leadership, (Radiman) not only showed a lack of courage and self-discipline, he also lost his credibility with many of us."

These concerns are echoed by many, made evident by the last few weeks' protests and commentaries.

The Council has refrained from commenting on Radiman's absence, and gave no indication as to what the Council will be discussing tomorrow, which representatives will be present, or how long the Council plans to remain in session:

"The Council's policy has always been to protect the identities of its members," said a Council spokesperson. "If they wish to remain anonymous, we will honour their wishes. Mr. Radiman will, of course, be attending all sessions."

UniClanCast will report from Tir if and when the Council releases more information.