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Voice of Freedom criticize Radiman

Previously considered a staunch supporter of Radiman and the Council, the editor of the Voice of Freedom publishes an article nurturing the growing scepticism towards the Council.

Voice of Freedom
18:00 July 31, 29476 RST

by The Editor

Peace. It slipped through our fingers.

We were so close. The grains of hope handed to us a few months ago have now been washed away by the rising tide. The termination of the peace talks, the return of the Dust Brigade, and the extended inactivity of the Council have effectively put us back to square one.

It got so bad that last week, clan-leaders demanded that Radiman should step down and disband the Council. Then, out of nowhere, Radiman pops out of his burrow like a leet into a nest of anuns. Presumably to calm things down. Can he?

I've always been a great admirer and supporter of Radiman, and I've had respect for, and confidence in, what he has tried to achieve. But times, and circumstances, have changed.

The Council started out almost a century ago with the aspiration to unite the clans, but what now appears to have happened is quite the opposite: We're drifting apart, dividing. Maybe change is needed?

The independent clans have become too powerful for the Council to remain effective and speak with a unanimous voice. The Council no longer has the backing it needs to bargain with Omni-Tek, and that's why the negotiations broke down. The very nature of the Council depends on that bargaining power, because without it, it's powerless and redundant.

Unless Radiman can pull another ace out of his sleeve and reunite the clans, I don't see how the Council can ever again make a difference, or serve a purpose - political or otherwise. It would be reduced to a private club where a bunch of tired geezers might share a bottle of expensive sherry, complain about the mutant problem, and muse over "the good old times". If the Council can no longer make a difference, then what do we need it for?

Let's have a look at the alternatives:

Number one: We come together, all the clanners, and create our own "corporation": A business run like any other business, where the bosses are fired if they don't perform, and where every employee · clan-member · is under contract to perform specific tasks defined by management. This option might seem like a paradox. Isn't this what we were running from in the first place?

Number two: Complete anarchy amongst the clans, with everyone pursuing their own, individual agendas. We've tried that. Didn't work, did it?

Number three: We agree to disagree, and create a compromise. We let coalitions of clans join together in creating their own ·council·, one with a stronger backing in the clan community, and with more realistic objectives. Maybe that could work?

Either way, there are a few things one would have to consider: What would happen to the existing achievements of the CoT? What would happen to the Tir Accord? Would OT still acknowledge it? Where would we find a leader as persistent and patient as Radiman - one who enjoys the same amount of respect within the halls of Omni-Admin and with Ross himself? Only one way to find out, isn't there?

The only thing that's absolutely certain is that there is nothing to gain from the situation we've been living under these last few months. Every day we fail to deal with the Dust Brigade, and every day we're unable to uphold our end of the Tir Accord, we're one day closer to another age of a total Corporate dictatorship.