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Independent clan sponsors festivities

Clan ·Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka· sponsors festivities outside the Tir West Gate as an alternative to the traditional march cancelled by the Council, despite warnings from both the Council and Omni-Tek. The event is considered a huge success.

April 15. 29476 · 18:00 RST

On April 18th, 29191 the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka finally signs a contract with the Manual Labourer's Guild - a union of OT employees, mostly from the notum mines and refineries - outlining a number of changes affecting the workforce, including better working conditions, improved safety and medical benefits, retirement plans, and increased salaries. This is an important step on the road to the foundation of the independent clans, although it will take another eleven years before the word ·clan· is used.

Every year, the Council of Truth is joined by the majority of clans in a celebration of this important day. While a true day of independence has yet to transpire for the free clans of Rubi-Ka, April 18th should still be observed in memory of those who dared stand up against the Corporation.

In last year's April 18th speech, Henry Radiman said: "We have not won the fight, but we are well on the road to victory."

This year, the celebration is expected to be somewhat muted, following strained relations between the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth, and an increase in the violence between Omni-Tek forces and clan supporters. Still, loyal clan-members are arranging their own observances: The clan Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka has announced that they will sponsor festivities to take place outside Tir's West Gate, at 2100 RST on Thursday, April 18th. The event is open to all clan supporters, regardless of affiliation.

Henry Radiman of the Council spoke briefly to UniClanCast this morning:

"The Council will not be arranging the traditional march through Tir and open festivities this April. We fear interference from both Omni-Tek forces and the possibility of attacks by the Dust Brigade - by arranging official celebrations, the Council may be accused of inciting to violence, and we do not wish to jeopardise an already fragile situation. We do, however, encourage the clans to pick up the banner and observe this important day in our collective history, in a peaceful and orderly manner. I applaud the initiative taken by GVRK."