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Omni-Pol raids Voice of Freedom

Omni-Pol officers raid the underground offices of the Voice of Freedom - the largest clan-affiliated media channel - in Omni-1, and charge the channel and its employees with corporate espionage. The Voice's editor, James "Tucker" Adams flees the city, and reports say that he intends to reopen the Voice of Freedom in Avalon, under the protection of the Knights.

February 13. 29476

Today, armed Corporation officers attacked the private underground facilities of the Voice of Freedom in Omni-1, citing criminal charges against the Voice, its publishers, and its journalists.

An unnamed, independent on-site clan-affiliated reporter was arrested by Omni-Pol and accused of espionage, a clear violation of the free-speech ICC regulations as stipulated in the Rubi-Ka lease.

Omni-Pol named one chief suspect in their so-called criminal investigation into the Voice's legal transmissions from Omni-1: James "Tucker" Adams, an Atrox, owner of a bar in Omni-1, and identified as the Voice┬Ěs editor-in-chief. While these allegations remain completely unsubstantiated, the Omni Herald reports that Tucker "fled" Omni-1 prior to Omni-Pol's illegal raid, and is now a guest of Lord Galahad at Camelot.

The silencing of the Voice is sure to raise ire amongst clan-members across Rubi-Ka: a champion of free-speech since before the last war, the Voice has constantly and consistently informed clan-members of political goings-on, and provided a balanced and accurate view of Rubi-Ka from a clan-friendly perspective.

UCC has so far not received any updates or information from prior or current Voice employees, but we are certain that the Voice, albeit silenced for the time being, will sound again, louder and clearer than ever before.