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Dust Brigade attacks randomly

There are reports of random attacks on both civilian and military personnel by masked commandos shouting Dust Brigade idioms.

The Omni Herald
February 7. 29476 - 18:58 RST

A number of Omni-Tek employees and OT-held interests were targeted yesterday by uniformed and camouflaged soldiers claiming to be associated with the terrorist clan called the Dust Brigade.

While no lives were permanently lost in yesterday's unprovoked attacks, the Corporation is concerned about the probability of more violence in the near future, and intends to crack down with extreme prejudice on any and all persons and organisations affiliated with the Brigade or other radical militant clans.

The Dust Brigade is known to have been behind the blast in Omni-1's entertainment district in December of last year, as well as a number of terrible attacks on citizens during the last civil war. Unconfirmed reports have also linked the Dust Brigade to possible sabotage on insurance databanks, as well as the illegal possession of life-force dissipaters and devices that are able to scramble suppression-gas receptors.

Omni-Tek employees are advised to stay close to major cities and to travel in company - armed and protected, preferably with experienced fighters - as long as the current threat-level remains high and all OT forces remain on alert.