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Omni-Tek confirms clan resistance

Omni-Tek confirms that their operation in Sabulum has been terminated because of continued interference from rogue clans.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 29. 29476 ยท 18:45 RST

Omni-Pol has abandoned its operations in Sabulum - a city in the perpetual wastelands - and has withdrawn its forces, sources say, to permanent stations in the south, accompanied by Omni-AF troops.

The Omni-Pol police action, initiated last week in response to information that terrorist groups were using Sabulum as a base of operations, was intended to flush out and detain suspected criminals and radicals. The situation quickly deteriorated as clan-members arrived in Sabulum, provoking an armed confrontation between the OT troops and the clans, who regarded Omni-Pol's presence in the clan-populated city as an act of war.

In response to relentless attacks by clan-members, Omni-Pol called on the support of an Armed Forces outfit to secure their operations in the city.

During the subsequent days, scattered fighting continued in Sabulum. The situation was temporarily alleviated by a visit from ICC observers, but a failed attempt by the Council of Truth to put together a peacekeeping mission sparked a war of words between the two sides, aggravating the already strained relationship - damaged by evidence of clan terrorism - and sparking rumours of an end to the amnesty.

By Friday, Sabulum had been divided evenly between OT forces and clan members. The situation appeared stable, but that evening the clans launched a concentrated assault on OT personnel and equipment, forcing a retreat, and leaving the clans in total control of Sabulum.

Following rumours this morning that Omni-Pol has completely abandoned its police action, the Council of Truth has been eager to minimise the potentially damaging effects this prolonged confrontation has had on their relationship with Omni-Tek. For the time being, Omni-Tek is not commenting on the situation, but there's little doubt that they consider the participating clans' actions to have interfered with what they have continuously referred to as a "lawful" operation, fully supported by the Tir Accord.