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ICC investigates Sabulum situation

ICC representatives conduct separate press-conferences at the Council of Truth in Tir and Omni-Tek HQ in Omni-1, followed by an on-site visit to Sabulum where informal talks are held between high-ranking OT officials and clan-members.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 25. 29476 ยท 16:25 RST

Meeting with an attentive and vocal crowd, ICC representatives spoke yesterday to clan-affiliated citizens gathered at the Council of Truth's general assembly-hall in Tir. Emphasising that the Interstellar Confederation of Corporation's primary role on Rubi-Ka is merely to monitor the activities of the Omni-Tek Corporation, the ICC fielded several politically delicate questions from the audience with increasingly evasive answers. In the eyes of a majority of clan-members, the ICC remains a largely ineffectual body, bought and controlled by the hyper-corporations that they officially represent, and while yesterday's speech and Q&A session did initiate a process to change that perception, only time will tell if it's a successful one.

At a similar assembly for OT employees in Omni-1, the atmosphere was, surprisingly enough, a lot more hostile, and scattered violence between crowd members during the Q&A session forced the ICC representative and OT officials to evacuate the site. While Omni-Tek has, in the past, been outspoken about its disapproval of an increased ICC monitoring presence on the planet, they have in recent years endeavoured to pacify the Confederation's many complaints by implementing suggested changes and obeying edicts. The already shortened lease - which, sources say, Omni-Tek is attempting to extend indefinitely, citing the challenging political climate on Rubi-Ka - is probably a major contributing factor in Omni-Tek's civility when dealing with the ICC.

Subsequent to meeting clan-members and Omni-Tek employees, the ICC conducted an independent inspection of Sabulum, focusing on clan claims of unlawful Omni-Pol activities and the harsh and unfair treatment of locals. The ICC delegation, which was accompanied by delegates from both the clans and Omni-Tek, was able to complete its assessment without interference as well as initiate an impromptu conversation between OT and Council envoys. The ICC is expected to make a formal statement in the next few days.

While both the Council of Truth and the Omni-Tek Corporation have declined to comment on the ICC's apparent decision to involve itself directly in the conflict, it's clear that officials on both sides are striving to accommodate the ICC in every way possible, mindful of the image they are portraying to watchful eyes across the galaxy. Any shift in the power-balance on Rubi-Ka will, without doubt, negatively affect the economy of every corporate-run and self-governing planet, and this is something the ICC - not to mention Omni-Tek - is hoping to avoid.