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CoT supports Omni-Pol action in Sabulum

Henry Radiman publicly states the Council's support for the Omni-Pol operation in Sabulum, and asks clan-members to avoid further violence.

The Voice of Freedom
January 22. 29476 · 17:56 RST

Responding to reports of armed skirmishes between Omni-Pol and Omni-AF led forces in the perpetual wastelands, Henry Radiman spoke briefly today with Freedom reporters, stating that the Council was informed · but not consulted · about Omni-Pol's so-called police action in Sabulum yesterday afternoon, and that they are "very concerned" about the current situation in the north.

"I was briefed by my people shortly after five o'clock yesterday afternoon," said Mr Radiman to the Voice, "and the Council subsequently held a press-conference where clan-members were advised to stay out of Sabulum, and to allow Omni-Pol investigators to make their arrests and gather the necessary evidence without interference. We have not been officially notified of any escalation of the situation, but we are fully aware that there have been confirmed reports of fights between certain clans, not affiliated with the Council, and the Omni-Tek forces, and that Sabulum was placed under Omni-AF enforced martial law. While we do not agree with the methods, and question OT's compliance with the Tir Accord, we would like to emphasise that further violence must be averted, and clan-members everywhere must remain vigilant but calm. It is in no one's interest that this isolated incident leads to additional confrontations. I trust that Omni-Pol's intentions are lawful and true."

Adding to the confusion, the Council's headquarters in Tir were subjected to a bomb-scare yesterday, when the building was found to be surrounded by explosives planted by what, sources say, could be militant OT-affiliated dissidents. Vigilant citizens quickly began defusing the bombs · most of which, it turned out, were not functional · while the building itself was evacuated. No one was injured in the incident.