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Omni-Pol enters Sabulum

Omni-Pol enters the city of Sabulum in the perpetual wastelands in what they call an official and legitimate police action against suspected criminals. The operation is interrupted by clan-members critical of what they perceive as an intrusion into clan territory, and fighting breaks out between the two parties, prompting Omni-Pol to request the assistance of the Omni-Tek Armed Forces.

The Omni Herald
January 21. 29476 · 24:38 RST

Acting on reliable information that the city of Sabulum in the Perpetual Wastelands is being used as a base of operations by radical militant clans · including, Omni-Pol sources say, the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade · Omni-Pol yesterday launched an official and legitimate police action against targets in the city, led by Captain Xeril Renton, and assisted by Captain Baxie Orbin of Enigma.

With the full compliance of the Council of Truth, and operating well within the boundaries of the Tir Accord and ICC regulations, Omni-Pol forces secured Sabulum Monday afternoon, and conducted a house-to-house search for suspected criminals, wanted for questioning in connection with a string of illicit activities, including the December 19th blast in Omni-1.

The police action proceeded according to plan, with few altercations, until around 1800 hours yesterday evening, when the Omni-Pol forces were attacked by clan-members from, amongst others, the extremist clans later identified as Clan Anarchist Syndicate and Eternal Fury.

After a prolonged confrontation, the clans were eventually forced to retreat, but not without heavy injuries on both sides. The fully insured Omni-Pol personnel did not suffer permanent physical harm, with one unfortunate exception: Captain Renton, the commanding officer of the Omni-Pol operation, was shot and killed by an unidentified clan-member. His insurance pattern was corrupted on regeneration · an accident, Omni-Pol sources say · and Omni-Med doctors are still attempting to reconstruct his body, although they fear that Captain Renton's life-force may already have dissipated completely.

This unprovoked and illegal assault on a legitimate Omni-Pol operation gave the administration no choice but to impose martial law on Sabulum, and draft the OT Armed Forces into action to further secure and protect the city and its residents. These actions, Omni-Pol and Omni-AF spokespeople say, are well within the parameters of the Tir Accord, and were taken as a necessary response to illegal clan interference.

At approximately 2030 hours last night, clan-members renewed their efforts to take back Sabulum, launching a series of coordinated attacks on the city and on OT personnel.

Sabulum fell to clan-affiliated forces at around 2200 hours RST, with Omni-Pol and Omni-AF equipment destroyed, and OT personnel forced to retreat and regroup. Sabulum is currently held by insurrectionary militant clans with no backing from the Council of Truth, and in violation of the Tir Accord and ICC regulations, and in direct disobedience of Omni-AF regulated martial law.

It is expected that Omni-AF will move to take back Sabulum and secure the site for further Omni-Pol operations later today. It has been reported that Omni-Pol and Omni-AF intend to pull back once the operation has been completed, all suspects apprehended, and all evidence collected.