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Ross promises war on terrorism

Philip Ross issues a statement, warning of "a war against terrorism, radicals, and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt." There is an immediate public outcry against Ross' choice of words.

The Omni Herald
January 17. 29476 ยท 16:08 RST

A few minutes ago, the Herald received a recorded statement from OT-RK CEO Philip Ross. Here is the statement in its entirety:

"On Monday, I was personally informed by Omni-Pol of conclusive evidence in the investigations into the explosion on December 19th, pointing to clan-affiliated terrorists as the culprits. This evidence has been substantiated by said terrorists, who have claimed responsibility for the blast.

"Unfortunately, the threat persists: Just this morning, the Omni Herald Grid-feed was interrupted by hostile broadcasts of unknown origin, and Omni-Pol has been informed of possible threats to Omni-Tek interests in the immediate future.

"This state of affairs cannot and will not continue. The Omni-Tek Corporation will not stand idly by while the lives of employees and fellow citizens remain at risk. The terrorist scourge must be eliminated. Omni-Pol has already rooted out key criminal elements in their ongoing investigation, and our Armed Forces stand ready to be called into action if and when military action against terrorist targets is required.

"If this is a war, it's not a war on the clans, or the Council of Truth. It's a war against terrorism, against radicals and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt. The Council has been blamed for inaction, and while I cannot personally comment on that, I will say that Henry Radiman has had a positive influence on me in the past two months, and that I continue to hold him in the greatest of esteem. I am certain that the Council will cooperate in our hunt for the murderers who hide behind false claims of fighting for the clan cause, and Omni-Tek pledges to carry on the constructive talks with the Council once this matter is behind us.

"Until then, I ask everyone to remain calm, and not to incite to more violence. If any gun should be raised, it should be against the terrorists and those who support their cause, no matter what side they claim to be on: clan, neutral, or Omni-Tek."