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Talks between factions halted

Omni-Tek and Council of Truth spokespeople confirm that talks between the two parties have been "temporarily halted" while the current situation is assessed. The Council claims that the decision to terminate the talks was Omni-Tek's, and that the Council wishes to resume negotiations as soon as possible.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 16. 29476 · 12:46 RST

A few minutes ago, an Omni-Tek spokesperson confirmed yesterday's reports of a halt in the negotiations between OT and the Council of Truth. When contacted, a Council of Truth official confirmed the report.

The talks between the two parties commenced in November of last year, and were expected to lead to a new and stronger contract between the Omni-Tek Corporation · the official administrative body of Rubi-Ka · and the Council of Truth which represents a broad selection of moderate clans. It was expected that territorial disputes would be settled, and that there would be a halt to the random violence between the two parties.

While the talks have been halted - temporarily, according to both spokespeople · the Tir Accord still holds. Last amended in 29470, the Accord states that neither Omni-Tek nor the Council of Truth-affiliated clans will make territorial demands, nor engage in direct armed conflict.

Both the Council and Omni-Tek are believed to release separate statements this afternoon.