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Omni-Pol steps up security after terrorist attack

Omni-Pol releases a statement regarding the Omni-1 blast, calling early reports of terrorist activities premature, and stating that the evidence gathered so far is inconclusive. Planet-wide security is stepped up, however, and the investigation continues.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services December 21. 29475 · 13:28 RST

Despite persistent rumours pointing to terrorist activities as the cause of the destruction of an apartment complex in Omni-1·s entertainment district on the evening of December 19th, sources within Omni-Pol · currently in charge of the criminal investigation · say that there are still some doubts regarding the origin of the explosion that rocked the capital city on Tuesday.

Early reports pointed to an anti-matter detonation, and video footage of the explosion seems to substantiate this theory, yet investigators are still looking into potential accidental causes of the explosion.

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren was evasive when pushed on the issue of the calling-card that some sources have alluded to, but he did confirm that investigators are looking "very closely at some evidence that might support the terrorist theory". Omni-Pol is saying, however, that the investigations are ongoing, and because of the necessity for secrecy in such matters · especially if illegal anti-matter devices were used (the use of anti-matter was banned completely after the Corporate Wars) · further details might not be revealed to the public until some time in January.

The official death-toll of the Omni-1 explosion has now risen to a confirmed 158 citizens dead, 132 of which were Omni-Tek employees. 49 of the dead were children or teenagers below the insurance age-requirement, and 23 were senior citizens above the threshold. The remaining 86 adults either lacked insurance, or their insurance had expired. Omni-Tek attempted to restore more than 30 of the patterns, but they were unsuccessful.

Going into the holiday season, Omni-Pol · as well as Omni-AF·s anti-terrorist squads · have stepped up security in all key areas of OT-held areas as a precaution against possible repeat attacks by terrorists.