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Human clones attack

There are several independent reports of alleged attacks by human clones.

The Voice of Freedom
December 20 29475

by The Editor

You have got to be kidding me.

First we had the pumpkin-head creatures. Ridiculous, yes, but they posed a real threat to Omni-Tek about a month and a half ago. Clanners said it was the work of mad OT scientists. But then they always blame it on mad OT scientists.

Now we have freakin· clones. Who comes up with these things?

First of all, we all know that the cloning of adult individuals is impossible. You can grow a copy of yourself on a genetic level, and raise it in hopes that some day he or she will be as close a copy of you as anyone could ever be, but it simply won·t be you. Different soul, different individual. The development of insurance technology showed that you can·t copy a being·s life-force; you end up with a visually perfect copy that·s nothing but an empty shell.

So what·s all this ballyhoo about attacks by clones across Rubi-Ka?

Simple hysteria. We·re all on the knife·s edge following the incident in Omni-1, and the rumoured return of the Brigade; we·re reading a lot into what·s probably just an uncoordinated assault of mutants. There are thousands of the bastards, and sometimes they gang up. It·s a fact of life, and it·s part of what makes Rubi-Ka the most exciting and screwed-up planet in this galaxy.

Here·s a tip: Want to get a Christmas present from OT this year? Go out and hunt some mutants. Cash into your account, straight from the silver-lined pockets of Boss Ross. If you·re ever going to give the Corporation credit for doing something for clanners, it·s giving non-OT employees equal bounty for mutant-hunting. They profit from it in the long run, true, but they also pay out a fair prize for every failed experiment and nasty critter shot down or chopped to pieces.

As for the attack of the clones · let·s get real: There aren·t any secret OT cloning facilities. That·d be a pretty ludicrous concept, right out of the worst sci-fi flicks imaginable. And remember; I·m usually the first paranoid-schizophrenic to suspect an OT conspiracy.

Happy Holidays!