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Dust Brigade attacks Omni-1

An apartment complex in Omni-1 is levelled to the ground by an anti-matter explosion. The words "dust to dust" once more echo across Rubi-Ka, and for those who remember the last war, the tentative and long hoped-for peace now appears a lost cause.

Tonight, in what Omni-Tek civil authorities believe to be an act of domestic terrorism, an apartment complex in Omni-1·s entertainment district was levelled to the ground by a suspected anti-matter bomb.

"Based on initial site investigations, the blast pattern appears to be consistent with an anti-matter detonation," said Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren. "This is, however, an ongoing investigation, and we will not rule out other, less dramatic, explanations to what·s happened here."

The apartment complex in question housed several dozen children and teenagers, as well as senior citizens without legal access to insurance technology. It·s also believed that a large percentage of the residents who were within insurance safety-limits had not updated their patterns for several months, which could bring the final death-toll into the hundreds.

When asked about the rumoured discovery of some kind of calling-card left by the suspected terrorists, Shogren refused to go into detail, citing once again the fact that this is still an active investigation.

The Council of Truth was quick to make a statement regarding the incident. They extended their condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to all Omni-Tek employees, and stated that "should this terrible accident prove to be the work of terrorists, the Council will strongly condemn their actions and we will do our utmost to apprehend and punish the guilty parties".

Fears quickly spread across Rubi-Ka that this incident would put an immediate end to the amnesty, but OT-RK CEO Philip Ross went on the record last night, saying that the amnesty holds, investigations are being conducted, and all channels of communication with the Council are maintained. "Especially now," Mr Ross said, "do we need the full cooperation of the Council of Truth; to show everyone that violence is not a solution."

Others are not so optimistic. Violence broke out in several locations last night and this morning, and with rumours of a calling-card related to the "dust" transmissions of the past few weeks, some citizens believe that the terrorists are linked to the Dust Brigade that was active during the last civil war.

"I was just a kid back then," said Blanche ·Robin· Guiney, a student, "but I still remember being terrified whenever I heard the Brigade had struck again. I get that same feeling now, like we·re all vulnerable and at the mercy of people without morals or emotions. It·s almost enough to make you join Omni-Tek, what with these guys being clan sympathisers and all."