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The CoT takes a formal stand in favour of peace

The Council of Truth acknowledges the amnesty and votes to enter into official peace talks with Omni-Tek.

The Council of Truth voted in favour of commencing peace negotiations with the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka.

No indication was given as to the number of votes cast for and against the proposition, nor is the Council expected to hold any press-conferences in the immediate future regarding their decision. It is believed that Henry Radiman may meet with Omni-Tek RK CEO Philip Ross in the immediate future, but the precise date and location of such a meeting has not been made public.

Inside sources claim that a meeting between the two leaders would have to take place in Omni-1, for security reasons, and that the middle of next week is the earliest time that Mr. Radiman and Mr. Ross are likely to meet face-to-face.

The Omni-Tek Corporation has yet to issue a response to the Council┬Ěs statement, and refused to give any indication as to when, or if, such a response would be issued.