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Mutations appear on Halloween

Strange pumpkin-headed creatures appear in areas surrounding Omni-1 on Halloween. With the help of brave citizens, they are quickly wiped out.

The unexplained appearance of hundreds of mutated humanoid creatures throughout the southeast can not and should not be attributed to Omni-Tek, said a spokesperson for the corporation in a statement this morning.

Yesterday, thousands of citizens of the Omni-controlled southeast, and the areas bordering on Omni-1, were caught by surprise when they were viciously attacked by mutations that had apparently been made-up to look like pumpkin-headed monsters. Halloween is traditionally a holiday associated with pumpkins, and the mutations are believed to have been set loose to coincide with the holiday. The attacks were unprovoked and occurred in OT-controlled areas.

"It·s gotta be the clans," said OT worker Alkesh Cella, who barely escaped with his life when him and his three co-workers were attacked by "a pack" of mutations at a construction site just east of Omni-1. Cella continued: "Only they is sneaky enough to play with genes and crap to make something as freakish as a monster with a big, orange vegetable head. This only confirms, like, major, that the amnesty·s a no-good idea, the ceasefire·s bogus, and we should blast the hell out of all of them, like, instant."

Mr. Cella·s opinions were echoed across the south, as OT employees and civilians felt themselves to be specifically targeted by clan terrorism. Omni-Tek has yet to make any official statement regarding the clans· involvement in the affair, but they are expected to do so soon.

The appearances of the mutations have been accompanied by fierce local storms centred on Omni forest, although Omni-Tek strongly denies any link between the two incidents.

According to a Herald source, OT will be sending in troops to deal with the mutations, and they expect the infected areas to be cleaned out "shortly". In the meantime, citizens are advised not to enter the infected areas, or indeed to leave Omni-1, unless accompanied by armed guards.