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The bio domes in Belial Forest and Southern Artery Valley are leftover buildings from an Omni-Med research facility. The projects taking place there were shut down because of lack of funding and other priorities.

Not long after, reports came in concerning violent deaths in the swamp area where the bio domes are located. Neither Omni-Med nor the clans had any interest in investigating the claims, so ICC hired a freelance group of meta-physicists called Channeled Force to inspect the area.

They found that the domes had not been sealed properly after the research teams left, and some of the creatures inside had escaped, running amok in the nearby swamps. The meta-physicists sealed the domes, but they found the power of the creatures was difficult to handle and as such, they need a constant link to keep them at bay.

None of the old key passes or codes were in existence still, but the group was able to alter the system so they wouldn’t be recognized by the doors, just in case someone happened to stumble upon the old codes. They wanted to reduce the risk of people entering the domes without knowing what damage they could do to themselves and others.

The old security systems are still in place, and unless one has an activated security pass, the system will assume people are hostile forces and gun them down indiscriminately.


The three Bio Domes can be found in the central swamps in Belial Forest and Southern Artery Valley.