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Crypt of Home

The Home Crypt was originally built a very long time ago by a religious cult that was based in the Home City area. It functioned as a holy sanctuary and base of the priesthood led by a high priestess.

The priestess was a great prophet and alleged oracle for the cult, and remains of her inscriptions can be found throughout the crypt. The priesthood’s glory ended when it was hunted down and driven away into the inhospitable west by Omni-Tek. The high priestess was executed under claims of conspiring against the corporation and her writings were either lost in the west or kept by the corporation for research.

A long time has gone by since Omni-Tek pulled out of Home and let the remains of the original inhabitants resettle. The cult had turned dark and evil and the cultists had developed several mutations, some of them disfiguring, some of them granting awesome and dangerous powers.

Three powerful and heavily mutated brothers grew up to rule the city; Faldrion, Oquon and the eldest of the three, Cerubin. As they grew older they became leaders for the cult and ruled it firmly together. However, after several years of stability, the friction between three strong personalities started manifesting, and the brothers would constantly fight. In fear of becoming obsolete, the two weakest rebelled against the third, but they failed because the third one was stronger than their collective power. It left him weakened, however, and he was no longer able to care for the cult. Seeing the weakness in the leader, the priests and priestesses began suspecting that the brothers and in particular Cerubin had no special powers, that they had been hoodwinked by their charismatic personalities and strong leadership. Their discontent soon manifested in physical attacks on the place Cerubin lived, and it was not long before he realised he could no longer stay in Home.

With his two younger brothers killed, Cerubin fled out into the desert and settled in the old crypt, not far away from the city. Some of the followers came with him from the city and the new renegade cult has taken the name The Revoked. Cerubin now sits deep in the dark with his followers and ponders in bitterness, trying to find a way into the knowledge of the cult from the old times.


The Crypt of Home can be found in Broken Shores, northwest of the city of Home.