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Inner Sanctum

Those who thought the Cult of the Immortal were restricted to the temple in Greater Tir County are wrong. Recent discoveries show that there is another tier of this bizarre cult.

GREATER TIR COUNTY (RKHS) – The ones who have seen the monstrosities the cult practice within the Temple and lived to tell the tale may find it interesting to know that researchers have discovered there is another level of the temple called Inner Sanctum. Apparently, the cult welcomes outsiders there, but the underlying tone of the welcome message you get when you enter the halls of the Sanctum rings menacing.

We talked to one of the project assistants of this research group. He wishes to remain anonymous and it was evident that he was shook up when he met with us. “We must understand that people like these cult followers are delusional, they are a product of teachings of harm and anger. Just look at some of the inscriptions on some of the Sanctum artifacts we have found,” he said.

As he showed us, the research group has found clear evidence that it is the same cult. We were shown alarming inscriptions:

“...we rage at death, for we are cheated of His presence until He calls us. But His power is greater than death, and we are bound to Him for eternity, so we heed His call. We long for His call...”

Our contact went on to show us some of the weapons or descriptions of weapons found within the Sanctum. It is evident that these cultists are fully capable of building their own arsenal, no doubt to be used against all those who venture inside, or ‘Unbelievers’ as they refer to outsiders as.

“...the path back to Paradise is lined with the bones of my enemies. Their screams soothe me during the long nights, when I dream of what I have lost. I laugh when I recall their writhing anguish, their groveling to please me, the hope that their suffering will be put to an end. But I feed from their anguish and the begging look in their eyes as they grovel at my feet, hoping for a cessation...”

Until recently, it was believed that the one calling itself Aztur was the leader of the Cult of the Immortal. But, there seems to be another, higher standing Immortal one, as reports show the ‘throne room’ of the Sanctum is home to one named Hezak. Perhaps there is an inner rank system or perhaps it is the same being as in the Temple but in a different embodiment. We may never know. What we do know, though, is that the Sanctum holds many dangers and any visits there should not be taken lightly, as one of the inscriptions warns us:

“...and He shall be triumphant, leaving behind a dead world...”


Inner Sanctum can be entered through portals found in Borealis, West Athen and outside the Temple of Three Winds.