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Cyborg Barracks

Historically, the cyborgs have been a thorn in the side of Rubi-Ka for a very long time. With large bases all over the planet, these half-man, half-machine creatures have the technology and ability to take their evolution into their own hands.

One of the cyborg leaders, known as The Vivisector, is reportedly trying to create a new type of cyborg altogether, one that is much more powerful than the existing ones. Her experiments have progressed quite far with the creation of some new cyborg models. Her goal is to create the ultimate cyborg and rid the planet of the human vermin.

With the design of the Prototype Inferno and Commander Jocasta, she is one step closer to her goal. In the cyborg barracks in Greater Tir County, the cyborgs continue to research new designs as well as plan new frontal attacks. The barracks themselves are small, which gives the cyborgs a good overview of what·s going on there at all times. Those who dare venture inside should take precautions to the extreme aggressiveness of the cyborgs and know that they seldom fight one on one, using every dirty tactic in the book.


The Cyborg Barracks can be found east in Greater Tir County