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Biomare (Foreman's)

Biomare was previously one of the earliest notum mines Omni-Tek ran and was constructed into a large complex in the early days of mining on Rubi-Ka. It once employed several thousand people and functioned as a small society on its own.

Because the workload was so heavy, Omni-Tek assigned huge numbers of atrox miners to the job. The complex finally applied to build their own reproduction labs to alleviate the pressure on the other bio facilities. The application was approved by Omni-Med, and the Biological Material Research (Biomare) center was founded, with the addition of hundreds of scientists working on top secret projects regarding the human genome aside from cultivating atrox.

Over the years, the research labs grew larger while the amount of notum in the mines decreased. Soon, the labs were the bigger part, with only a few hundred tons of notum being brought out of the mines every month. Many moved away from the facilities and on to larger mining sites or to the cities, but all those who worked in the labs stayed.

In the early 29470’s, central Omni-Med directors became suspicious that everything wasn’t as it should be in the Biomare labs. The reports the facility sent were showing little progress, virtually no production and there were several discrepancies in the expense forms. A team of Omni-Med investigators were sent to inspect. When they returned, they reported that the lab director was taking the lab in a much too radical direction and as a result, Omni-Med turned down the director and the institution’s plans rather harshly.

The argument between the lab director and Omni-Med went on for many years, until in the late ‘70s the director stopped barraging the home offices with his insane ideas. It was quiet for a while, perhaps too quiet for comfort. Little did the officials know that the director had been contacted by another group, one that funded all of his radical ideas. The lab director continued to work on the projects assigned by Omni-Med as before, but in addition he used the resources at hand to start other projects. The people working for him believed it was a part of the tasks given upon them as a research institute by Omni-Med, and would do as they were told. The few asking questions simply disappeared – officially being transferred to other divisions of Omni-Tek.

The lab director started experimenting with new substances and their effect on the human body and mind, encouraged by his new benefactors. Using and creating mutants, he soon had to dig out a whole new test subject containment area, in order to keep the mutants away from the official parts of the facility, which was regularly visited by Omni-Med inspectors.

A big change happened when after years of scrutiny and secret investigation, former CEO Philip Ross surprisingly made an official statement that the Biomare institution no longer was a part of Omni-Med, or Omni-Tek for that matter, and that a rogue operation was currently running the facility. He went far in claiming that the operations in the institution had received funding and support from a militant, outside group.

Shortly thereafter, Philip Ross was shot during a speech in Omni-1.


Biomare/Foreman's can be found in The Longest Road.