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Condemned Subways

Many years ago, during the construction of the populated areas on Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek was building a network of subway systems. It was said to be a pet project of a former CEO of the corporation.·

After years of planning and development the project slowed down and eventually came to a halt after excessive build-times and sky-high costs. The final nail in the coffin for the retro-romantic project was heralded by the arrival of the Whompah travel system. However, large networks of tunnels had already been dug, and several stations completed before the order to abandon the project was in place.

Soon after, Omni-Tek closed down all the subway entrances across the populated world to stop people from venturing into a hazardous underground building site. These subterranean networks have over the past years become an unpleasant refuge for outcasts and misfits of Rubi-Ka·s cities. The mutants, dysfunctional robots, horrible biological experiments, thieves, vagabonds, drug addicts, murderers and vicious critters all found their way into the stations, creating a crooked society of the life Rubi-Ka would have preferred to put out of its mind.

The subways are an embarrassing reminder to Omni-Tek that their decision making is far from the image of perfection they like to portray. Clan officials of course spare no chance to use this as an example of the corporation·s mismanagement of Rubi-Ka·s resources, though they say little about their own failure to clean up the problem in their clan territory.

Many years later people had pretty much forgotten about the subway and only the locked entrances remained in clear sight. Until one day several engineering companies were hired to open up the finished stations to evaluate what use the cities might have of the subways. Much to their surprise, they found them teeming with life, but it was a very hostile place, and the engineering companies soon pulled their workmen out, claiming their contracts were invalid and left the sites without sealing them up again. Ever since, adventurous people have gathered around the entrances, keen on exploring the deep, dark stations and perhaps finding something they may put to use.


The subway stations are located in Borealis, West Athen and outside the walls of Rome.