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Zephrem King · Mayor of Newland

A merchant through and through, Zephrem King enjoyed success as a business man until he was elected the mayor of Newland City. A pragmatic and calm man, he works hard to ensure Newland's status as a business frontier for everyone on the planet, no matter their side in the conflict.

Born: Zephrem Toog King - West Athen, Rubi-Ka – December 5th 29440
Appearance: 175 cm, 80kg, black hair, amber eyes
Position: Democratically elected mayor of Newland. Leads up the Newland City Council

Characteristics: Somewhat heavier than most opifexes, protruding belly due to good food and wine.

Strengths and weaknesses: Because he is capitalistic, it may leave him a few draws short on a rich personality, but that doesn’t matter to him. He has other types of riches.

Bio: Zephrem was born to clan parents Rupert and Martha King. Even as a child he made an effort to make credits, through selling toys to the other children. When he was 18, he moved to Newland City because he could make a higher profit from his business ventures there. He is said to have an admirable art collection and is known to enjoy fine foods and rare wines. In November 29479, Zephrem King was elected the mayor of Newland City.