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Simon Silverstone · Leader of the legacy clan The Sentinels

Simon Silverstone is a stark opponent to Omni-Tek, a man with a strong opinion and a loud voice. He commands the legacy clan Sentinels, by far the largest and most powerful clan on the planet. A man with an easily ignited temper and a radical view of the neutrals on Rubi-Ka, many people despise him. Silverstone himself couldn't care less, and continues fighting the corporation with tooth and nail.

Born: Simon Silverstone – Earth - unknown
Appearance: 187 cm, 82kg, black hair, brown eyes
Position: Leader of clan Sentinels, defender of Tir

Characteristics: A classically handsome man who carries himself extremely well. His face is often closed and does not reveal his true emotions easily.

Strengths and weaknesses: A fanatical opponent of Omni-Tek; convicted of more than one hundred brutal murders by Omni-Tek courts but has never been apprehended or jailed. Feared and despised by many clan leaders for his radical, anti-neutral politics.

Bio: Silverstone arrived on Rubi-Ka in 29447, though unlike most others, not as a colonist but rather through unofficial channels to avoid tenure contracts with Omni-Tek. He settled on a small farm outside Tir, where he for five years raised a family with his wife. It was not to last. He was falsely accused for several murders and heinous criminal acts he did not commit, and finally one day, Omni-Pol came down on his farm to set an example. The wake of the attack left Silverstone’s wife and three young children brutally murdered and himself seriously wounded, barely managing to escape. His anger built up during the next years and he founded the Sentinels clan, rising to the most powerful of all the independent clans on the planet.