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Aideen Landau · Leader of the legacy clan Unionists

Aideen Landau is the leader of the legacy clan Unionists. The large and elderly atrox surprises many people with his intellect. Although he stands firmly against Omni-Tek and all its business on Rubi-Ka, he rarely loses his temper.

Born: Drawn from cultivation tubes on April 25th, 29399
Appearance: 198 cm, 191kg, brown hair. Predominantly male genomes
Position: Leader of the legacy clan Unionists, defender of 4 Holes

Characteristics: Large and bulky figure, but carries himself well for his age. Brown hair streaked with grey, full beard. Clan tribal face/head tattoo.

Strengths and weaknesses: Aideen Landau is a large atrox, and while most would assume he would struggle to put together complete sentences, when he opens his mouth, it is obvious that most people are very wrong. He is very well spoken, and not just for an atrox.

Bio: Aideen Landau was originally cultivated as a labor atrox, but his batch was marked as redundant, and they were released from contract only a year after activation, upon which he moved to Bliss, west of Athen. He joined the miner activist clan Unionist shortly thereafter, building a future where he loyally fought for the right of the people working manual labor for Omni-Tek. He was elected leader of the Unionists in 29451. Aideen Landau currently also serves as the elected Speaker of the Council of Truth.